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God Trauma: A Spiritual Evolution follows the 7 month journey of a working mom who loses control of her life during the 2020/2021 pandemic.  Each month brings increasingly difficult challenges that threaten the well-being of her children, business, and career.  Sinking deeper into depression, she begins to withdraw from family and friends, making the pandemic-imposed isolation a darkly narrow place.  

It was clear she had strayed from many spiritual habits, and the job loss and isolation restrictions ensured her time to grow spiritually.  Through heartache, disappointment, financial ruin, poverty and depression, she learns that neither career, degree or intelligence would save her this time.  Only through true alignment with the Divine Spirit could she find Eternal peace and abundance.

“We are not required to uphold religious rules that no longer apply to our lives or family structures. The same rules that establish social order can be maliciously used to control the freedom of others”

Madeline Cameron, God Trauma: A Spiritual Evolution


A journey about healing, mental health, and personal growth. Begin the journey through your own God trauma!

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