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About Madeline Cameron

Madeline Cameron, Author

In her debut writing God Trauma: A Spiritual Evolution, Madeline demonstrates her commitment to Spiritual Practice, Creativity, Self-Empowerment, Self-Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Family and Community.

Madeline holds a BSN degree and worked in the nursing field for over nineteen years, however the 2020/2021 pandemic put a halt to her nursing career.  During the pandemic, she experienced a powerful Spiritual Awakening, which led her to re-dedicate herself to fulfilling her Divine purpose.  Madeline does not have a religious affiliation, but believes in Love, Abundance, Creativity, Prosperity, Justice, Peace, Intention, Connection, and all things that originate from the soul.

Madeline is a mother of three beautiful children.  She is the owner/operator of Essential Her, an all-natural hair and skincare company.  She enjoys walking with puppy Bella, crafting, creating gifts and spending time with family.

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